You can customize your walking stick by choosing: 

- Wood Color

The rod is in beech wood and is painted with two colored coats and with a final layer of transparent varnish, which guarantees clarity and protection


- Total Lenght

This choice is important, as the stick must be of a suitable length for those who will use it.

Taking the arm along the body, wearing shoes, measure the height from the wrist to the ground, as shown in the image.
For additional security, see the table.

In case you are not sure of the length, you can buy the stick of maximum length, with rubber tip (N2), with a simple cut from the bottom, it will then be possible to bring the stick to length.

(for more information, look at the bottom of this page).

- Final Tip

Based on usage, the choices are as follows:

N1 - pewter ring + rubber ring - a solution that combines comfort and elegance, it has a rubber pad with good friction with the ground.
N2 - rubber - solution for those who use the walking stick every day, has excellent adherence to the ground
N3 - metal ferrule - solution for those who use the walking stick as an accessory, or for exhibition purposes

With each solution, a replacement rubber pad is also inserted into the package.

- How to shorten the stick if it is too long

If you are undecided about the length at which to buy your stick, you can choose the maximum length and take it to size when it arrives.
That's how:
Take the measurement from the stick, directly from the bottom, with the stick upside down.
Make a mark on the wood with paper tape.
Now with a wood saw you can cut the wood from the bottom.
Finally cover the end with the N2 tip (which you will find free in the package).