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    The oil lamp beside and gradually supplanted the use of lamps and chandeliers due to greater convenience and ability to make light. It was in 1800, before the advent of the electric light, the oil lamps had the widest possible dissemination.

    We propose a collection of pewter lamps suitable for every type of environment and interior.

    The chandelier is by nature a form of decoration and furnishing. Its primary function was to illuminate the salons of the nobility which, however, were not satisfied by the mere function as they were accustomed to being surrounded by precious objects.

    The pewter candlesticks and candelabras in the GT collection stand out for their ornamental beauty. Light the candles of a pewter candelabra during an important dinner, the flame of the candles and the color of our metal will be able to create a different atmosphere and charming


    To beautify your table with class, either to receive guests, or simply for you, as a daily use La Cavagnini offers a complete range of pure pewter accessories.

    From us you can find from the many pewter underplates, glasses for water, wine and flute, to large glasses with stems chiseled with figures such as grapes and vines.
    Liqueur and drink glasses, always with elegant finishes.
    Going from the variety of bottles, you will marvel at choosing the prestigious and sought bottles for wine or liqueurs, from the jugs for water or drink and if you like to taste good wine you can find some lovely decanters.

    Goblet-shaped glass and pewter jugs As you go, you will find various sets of cutlery and napkin rings.
    Do not miss bowls and salad bowls of every size and shape, always shiny and bright to complete your table.
    For fruit or for your desserts we have fantastic risers or large and large centerpieces. Of various shapes and sizes our trays have been created for every occasion, always bright and shiny and warm in reflections.


    ARTICLES OF ORNAMENT Items in pure pewter to decorate your room with elegant ornaments. In our collection you will find class objects to decorate your home. Vases of different bill, ceramic amphorae decorated with pewter are just some of the many items in our collection. The walking sticks are present with the knob of different shapes, from animals such as dogs or dolphins in the most classic knobs. The finishes of all of Our products are bright and shiny.

  • DESK

    ITEMS FOR THE DESK Today, all of us, who possess, in corners more 'intimate spaces in those more' wide, desks of any type. Our items, pewter, for the desk are learned to adorn the same, giving a touch of class and honor, distinguished from products made ​​of steel or resins. We offer a range of picture frames, shiny and bright, warm in the reflexes. A number of postmen, we add the card holder, a variety of portanotes and continuing the wonderful opener with steel blades. We also propose, pens, inkwells, decorative globes. These pieces are very special part of the series in pewter we make.